"What? No it’s not -  it’s not a good thing - are you okay? Are you panicking?"


But I wanted it…and now I had it. That’s a good thing, right? I wanted to make a thing you cook with from it you see. Like a fire. But round.” Bryone pauses. "I’m Bryone. I come from a clan with Bighorners, but they all died. The people not the Bighorners, they were stolen. What’s your name?"

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faigha-mach asked, ""ROBOTS!" Bryone remembers the plan to storm robco that never happened."


Well fucking hell. 

"Ginger! Where the fuck did you go, I turned around and you were just gone. Shit, you cool?" Heh. “Yeah, Robots we never got to see cause you did a runner on me huh.”

Bryone hops on the spot, her hair somehow moving faster than each jump.

I went for a walk" she shrugs, almost as if the sentence is finished. "Well I did and then I went up a big rock face thing and it wasn’t as secure as I thought because like, the rocks weren’t attached. They fell. I fell but I got a fork.”

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faigha-mach asked, "Bryone falls into the pen with a collar on. "Can I have this?""


"You don’t really have a choice.."


Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen I’mma keep this." Bryone smiles, extremely please.

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"I hit my had pretty hard huh?"

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For a good, honest to god second, Mac thought he’d finally cracked. It wasn’t the smile. It wasn’t the almost cavalier attitude. It was the hair. He watched her hit, and then her hair. Every time she moved it seemed to do its own thing. It was amazing. The only real burst of color in the otherwise drab landscape. And he honestly thought for far longer than he should have, that it was alive.

"Welcome to Paradise Falls," he finally said, and reached out a hand just to pat her hair. Just to make sure he hadn’t cracked.

Mistaking the head pat for a greeting Bryone took the hand giving it a vigorous and overly enthusiastic shake considering her predicament. Her face fell at the comment, features screwing in concern and she looked around the hostile mall. “That’s terrible" she commented, genuinely portraying an accurate response if only for a moment.

It fell? What happened to it?" It was an awful shame that something happened here to gain such a name.

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Bryone’s face hit the dirt first as her hair followed in a long wild wave. Spluttering against the broken mud she let out a laugh using her forearm to sweep the hair away from her face. Teeth showing in the smile however red from a burst lip. Licking at the blood Bryone scrambled to place herself in a kneeling position taking in her environment from the cage around her.


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Anonymous asked, "You know who could really use a hug? That Doc Church could really use a cuddle puddle, would cheer him right up! BD"

"… really think so? Well if you say so. I don’t want anyone to be sad you see.”

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Bryone Marsalli
Tribal Scavenger

"Hey! What does this thing do? Can I have it?"

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