For a good, honest to god second, Mac thought he’d finally cracked. It wasn’t the smile. It wasn’t the almost cavalier attitude. It was the hair. He watched her hit, and then her hair. Every time she moved it seemed to do its own thing. It was amazing. The only real burst of color in the otherwise drab landscape. And he honestly thought for far longer than he should have, that it was alive.

"Welcome to Paradise Falls," he finally said, and reached out a hand just to pat her hair. Just to make sure he hadn’t cracked.

Mistaking the head pat for a greeting Bryone took the hand giving it a vigorous and overly enthusiastic shake considering her predicament. Her face fell at the comment, features screwing in concern and she looked around the hostile mall. “That’s terrible" she commented, genuinely portraying an accurate response if only for a moment.

It fell? What happened to it?" It was an awful shame that something happened here to gain such a name.

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Bryone’s face hit the dirt first as her hair followed in a long wild wave. Spluttering against the broken mud she let out a laugh using her forearm to sweep the hair away from her face. Teeth showing in the smile however red from a burst lip. Licking at the blood Bryone scrambled to place herself in a kneeling position taking in her environment from the cage around her.


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Anonymous asked, "You know who could really use a hug? That Doc Church could really use a cuddle puddle, would cheer him right up! BD"

"… really think so? Well if you say so. I don’t want anyone to be sad you see.”

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I Hope This Finds You. 

Attached to the little kitty is a letter:

"Hey Bry, I got your note. I hope you’re having fun on your adventure, and keeping safe. I got a cat! A real cat. It’s black with yellow eyes. Kherus named him! It’s Farad. You’d really like him. He’s very playful and cuddly. Anyways. So.. Uh.. I guess I made this then, for you.. you know.. so you have a kitty to keep you company. I miss you. Come back safe."


faigha-mach asked, "Knocking over a glass beaker in the clinic Bryone slams open the door separating the pair "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOO'Y!""


It wasn’t just the sound of glass breaking that made him drop everything in his hands, it was the familiar voice of a red-head he had missed so much. "Bryone!" He couldn’t help the wide grin on his face.

She slammed into him in a hug that was more of a tackle, squeezing him around the waist and picking him up from the ground.

"CUDDLE PUDDLE" She screamed.

faigha-mach asked, "Rushing into the clinic Bryone tackles Kherus into a monkey grip hug covering him in an accumulation of dirt and tangled hair."


Normally Kherus would go into high alert when someone just rushed inside but who could miss that amount of red hair. Even if he did manage to fall over but he didn’t really mind.

"By the gods, look who is back," he grins; he couldn’t help it and that was very weird. But a lot had changed since he had last seen her. He manages to sit up, pushing away a few twigs (as well as her hair) from his face.

"Where have you been, woman?"

Remaining latched on to Kherus Bryone doesn’t lift her head from his shoulder to answer, her voice muffled by the clothing. She just wanted a big hug.

"Well, you see there was a trader who showed me this big silver thing and it seemed really heavy and valuable and I thought I could do a lot with them and he told be it was called a in-get and I could get more if I followed this tunnel . So I followed the tunnel and I was taken in a place called the Pitt."

Lifting her head to breath Bryone continues. “I kinda got taken but you know I fought them cause they wanted me to and then I could find as many of the silver things as I wanted if I just got them back from the things protecting them. They weren’t very nice you see.”

It’s not Stealing [Wally|Bryone]  


This girl was as bright as her hair and it was starting to give Walt a headache, though he supposed it balanced with his natural moody nature. Maybe this could work, as long as she didn’t shout so much. When she addresses his name he rolls his eyes, yes fancy, whatever you want to say it’s still fucking dumb, I sound like an eighty year old man. “Uh, thanks.” of course he wasn’t going to say his thoughts out loud. 

He turns around, looking towards the expanse of land beyond the confines of the city brick walls. He’d heard of that place, never once been but he’d heard of it and was sure he might have seen it once. He ponders the thought for a minute, what was there to lose? He didn’t have anything else to do and didn’t really like the idea of her going in there alone. 

"Lasers." He muses, turning back to face her. He’d had his run ins with robots in the wastes that was for sure, roaming Robo Brains in particular. Fucking bastards. That was going to be a bit of an issue, he didn’t really think he had anything that would be useful in combat with Robots, usually he ducked and ran until the things were out of sight. Maybe bash a few in if he was feeling brave enough, but this was going to be a factory. A factory full off them. Fuck, he was still going to do it. Weapons or not, challenge fucking accepted. 

"Sure why not," He shrugs, conducting his usual manoeuvre whenever he was about to move on and travel. Take cigarette from behind ear, light it and go. He takes a long drag, turning on his heels. Gesturing forward he exhales. The smoke hanging limply from his lips. 

"Lead the way."

Bryone’s face scrunches in confusion at the term . A light frown crosses her brow until it quickly leaves with a shrug. “Lasers schmasers" she muses mockingly while giving a wide grin. It wasn’t as if she was talking about her potential death or anything similar. Well, it didn’t really matter. Not if there was stuff to be found.

At the prospect of a travel companion her smile becomes wider as Bryone bounces on the spot sending her hair flying in a flurry of red. Latching on to his arm she tugs him down with each bounce. “You’re going to love it!” It’s not as if she knew what was inside really but how couldn’t they love it.

Not when the outside was so shiny.

With a hop Bryone bounced away towards the factory simply assuming that she would be followed by the vault dweller who so quickly agreed to join her. She had a new friend and that was enough trust for her, for the moment.

"Have you ever been hurt by a laser?" Bryone asked without turning round to look "did it hurt? I think it would hurt or many it would burn like when you accidentally touch a big fire." It was a big accident.

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